Sana Soz

Sana Soz

HD N/A 113 min

Sana Soz – Elif Karaca is the creator of the program “Don’t Be Silent with Elif Karaca”, which Turkey follows with a lot of interest. Elif has dedicated her life to fighting the injustices and evils she has witnessed since her childhood. Murder Bureau commissioner Omer, just like Elif, has struggled with bad guys, criminals and gangsters throughout his life. Ayse Erten, who is thought to have been thrown from the terrace of a hotel, has been in a coma for a while. Elif Karaca, who covered the incident in her program, tries to arrest Bora Demircioglu, who is the source of suspicions. He finally succeeds. But the wealthy businessman Riza will make a move to save Elif’s private life in order to save her son. The disappearance of Nurhayat, who is close to Ayse, is brought to the program by Elif that will shock everybody. While the Murder Bureau team, headed by Omer, was investigating the incident; Elif’s team works to save Nurhayat just like Omer. This event, which brings Elif and Omer together, reveals that the two, who are actually people from different worlds, are fighting for the same purpose. While Elif and Omer are trying to reach the lost Nurhayat, they will actually solve a family mystery that has been left behind.

This is, Sana Soz (Promise to You).

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Serial: Sana Soz
Title in English: Promise to You
Country: Turkey
Genres: CrimeDramaMystery
Directors: N/A
Status: Completed
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